Report shows DevOps, CI/CD, and collaborative communication practices are critical for a strong security posture.

Key findings include:

  • Teams that release code continuously see improved security posture. Companies that are able to deploy to production on demand achieve significantly higher levels of security integration than companies with higher development cycle times.
  • Integrating security at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle requires cross-team collaboration. Breaking down knowledge silos between teams and collaborating on security empowers delivery teams to autonomously prevent, discover and remediate security issues.
  • Growth in security integration slows throughout the middle stages of evolution, but perseverance is worth it. Achieving DevOps maturity is challenging - 79% of the companies surveyed experienced increased friction in the middle stages of adoption. However, teams that pushed forward through this stage reported significantly faster deployment speeds, improved cross-team collaboration, and more secure pipelines.

Learn how to use DevOps to improve your security posture

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