The 2023 State of Software Delivery Report

How do you measure an elite software team? We analyzed nearly 15 million CircleCI workflows to find out what sets the best teams apart. In this report, we break down by the numbers what benchmarks the highest-performing software teams of 2023 are meeting, and offer practical recommendations on how to shore up any team’s performance metrics.

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The 2023 State of Software Delivery covers in detail:

  • Which metrics are most important to track, including the one metric that tells the most about your organization’s ability to bounce back from failure
  • Data-backed benchmarks for each metric
  • Recommendations for teams of all sizes and stages to accelerate delivery and quality

The 2023 edition also contains a special focus on the emergence of platform teams, with specific guidance on how these key players can enhance performance on 4 key metrics across all the teams they support.


What using CircleCI saves organizations on average over a 3-year period

50% decrease

in annual infrastructure spend


longer development lifecycle without CircleCI

Without CircleCI
with/without Lifecycle



1 hour recovery

50% of workflows recovered from a failed run in 64 minutes or less

<9 minutes duration

75% of workflows on CircleCI complete in under 9 minutes

Productivity dips

the largest productivity dips are during public holidays

Without CircleCI
with/without Lifecycle
with 31%
without 60%

Dec 26

Apr 15