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DevOps teams must have robust CI/CD pipelines that are able to execute their workflows consistently and optimally while addressing any dynamic requirements. For example, you might want to run your deployment workflow on the condition that all tests pass, the build was triggered by your master branch and it’s 7pm on Friday. Otherwise, you just want to send your team a slack notification if none of those conditions were met. Well the Advanced Logic features enable you to do this!

Advanced Logic enables the execution of Workflows and Steps when certain conditions either exist or don’t exist. Conditional logic is very useful in cases where you might want to limit who can trigger a specific workflow or you want increased flexibility in handling different scenarios. You can also implement this conditional flexibility in Job execution by only running certain steps if conditions are met and executing others when they are not. Advanced Logic allows you to run steps and entire workflows based on one or many conditions.
You'll learn:
  • How to use conditional logic to run steps and workflows
  • Basic conditions on steps
  • Using pipeline parameters in logic statements
  • Using logic statements to run workflows based on condition


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Henna Abbas
Support Engineer, CircleCI