Simplify end-to-end API development using CircleCI and Postman

Tuesday, May 14th
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Working in real time across shared workspaces and collections can pose some challenges for many teams. With Postman, you can ensure that your team stays organized and maintain a single source of truth throughout the entire API development lifecycle. Enable the Postman newman orb in your CircleCI configuration and easily setup Postman Collection runs in your CircleCI environment. This orb exposes newman's options through CircleCI configurations, so you can run your collections in CircleCI with minimal setup required.

This webinar will demonstrate creating a Postman collection and setting up a CircleCI pipeline to run that collection in CircleCI using the newman orb.

Hosted by:

Kaustav Das Modak, Developer Advocate, Postman 
Kaustav is focused on building developer relations at Postman and spends his time at the intersection of product, marketing and sales. 

Chris Black, Solutions Engineer, CircleCI
Christopher Black is a Solutions Engineer at CircleCI. Before transitioning into Solutions Engineering, he worked on the SRE team for 2+ years, building internal tooling and managing CircleCI's production infrastructure. When he's not helping customers get the most out of the platform, he volunteers extensively with Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco, teaching web development and career readiness to homeless and at-risk youth.

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