Integrating container image scanning into CircleCI builds with the Twistlock orb

Thursday, February 21st
11:00 AM - 11:45 PM PST

The practice of DevSecOps embeds security right into today’s modern workflows without adding unnecessary friction from the security side of the organization. That doesn’t mean security teams are left out. On the contrary, by integrating with the tools developers are already using, like CircleCI, standards set by security teams are continually applied as part of the build and deploy process.

In this webinar, learn how you can implement DevSecOps by scanning container images before they run in production with the Twistlock orb on CircleCI. This ensures fast feedback to developers and keeps insecure or non-compliant workloads out of production.

Hosted by:
Jeremy Adams brings over 10 years of IT ops and automation experience to Twistlock, where he works with partners throughout the cloud-native ecosystem to integrate security into their DevOps workflows to release secure applications and protect them from active threats. Previously, Jeremy worked at Puppet and Sun Microsystems in customer-focused technical roles. He is an Army veteran and happy transplant to Portland, Oregon.

Christopher Black is a Solutions Engineer at CircleCI. Before transitioning into Solutions Engineering, he worked on the SRE team for 2+ years, building internal tooling and managing CircleCI's production infrastructure. When he's not helping customers get the most out of the platform, he volunteers extensively with Larkin Street Youth Services in San Francisco, teaching web development and career readiness to homeless and at-risk youth.

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Integrating container image scanning into CircleCI builds with the Twistlock orb

Thursday, February 21st
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST