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Since CircleCI launched open-source orbs two years ago, developers across the globe have been able to simplify their entire development process and shorten their time to production. But now, with private orbs, teams on CircleCI’s Scale Plan can also privately share configuration across multiple projects, exclusively within their organization.

Private orbs provide increased privacy, efficiency, and collaboration across teams, which is particularly important for industries with high governance, regulatory, and compliance standards.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Private orbs and the problems they solve
  • How to create, publish, and maintain a private orb
  • Methods for sharing private orbs across multiple projects within an organization

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Angel Rivera
Developer Advocate, CircleCI

Stella Kim
Senior Software Engineer, CircleCI

Kelvin Li
Senior Software Engineer, CircleCI

Nick Ben
Technical Product Marketing Manager, CircleCI