With Arm rapidly gaining traction across data center and edge applications, developing for Arm is a smart choice to help future-proof your business. CircleCI’s Arm build fleet relieves the burden of testing and deploying on Arm-based systems.

CircleCI is one of the few services to offer fully cloud-based Arm compute for CI/CD, allowing customers to build and test their applications for Arm without managing their own machines.

Users who want to deploy CircleCI jobs on their own infrastructure can do so with self-hosted runners based on AWS Graviton2.

If you are interested in learning how CircleCI works with AWS Graviton2 and Arm, please fill out the form to be contacted by a CircleCI representative.

About CircleCI

The world’s best software teams deliver quality code, confidently, with CircleCI. As the largest continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) platform, CircleCI is the central hub where developers seamlessly take ideas to execution, at scale.

Learn more about CircleCI’s Arm build fleet or AWS Graviton2.

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