10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Learn how to run automated cluster hygiene checks with Alcide Kubernetes Advisor, as part of your pipeline.

Deployment Automation and Security Automation delivered from the release pipelines are among the top goals for every DevSecOps practice that embraces cloud native application technologies such as Kubernetes and Istio.

The need for continuous security is clear,the CD side, where code, CI build artifacts & configuration are fused together to represent an incremental change to a Kubernetes cluster - becomes unique place to apply a security, hygiene & misconfiguration check point that multiple teams with multiple pipelines are involved.

Alcide native integration with CircleCI, allows teams to use the simplicity of CircleCI in order to build their applications, now powered by Alcide’s continuous security built-into their pipeline to ensure a streamlined and secured K8s pipeline.


Sam Olukotun
Solutions Engineer, CircleCI

Yaniv Peleg Tsabari
Sr. Director of Product Management, Alcide Host


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